Will everyone except scientists (from physics and medical) and engineers be useless in the next 20-40 years? I've always loved physics and have wanted to study either physics or mech. Engineering at university, but I've realised that I only excel in those subjects when I study my **** off - I have no natural ability and don't think I'd be creative or innovative enough in that career path. So I've been considering a business career in business or banking, but that got me thinking at whether those sorts of jobs (like banking jobs - pretty much anything that's not a science discipline) will even be needed in 30-40 years or so. I guess I have this view that the whole world will fail like in the movie Interstellar, but I suppose that's unrealistic. None-the-less, I think our future holds many struggles in terms of fuels, vehicles, food and water etc. So what are your thoughts and will majority of jobs other than the science (not just physics) and engineering be deemed unnecessary?

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As long as there is a demand for a certain service, then those jobs will continue to exist.