What should happen to child murderers like Mary Bell, Jon Venables, Robert Thompson? Should they be given short sentences and anonymity for life?

Answer: 2
Mary Bell was a victim of abuse and had to watch her mother being sexually abused and beaten by "clients". She witnessed her mother being strangled then getting up again, so who is to say she didn't think the little boys she murdered along with the other girl, would not get up again too? She massaged their necks after strangling them, so what does that tell you? The other little girl was there, and did not face justice is not mentioned. Mary Bell served her time. Robert Thompson served his time and kept his nose clean. Jon Venables does not like being Jon Venables, so he keeps telling people who he is, in my view in the hope of being killed, and when that does not happen he breaks his conditions to get put back inside where he is reasonably safe. So why not give him his wish and keep him locked up where everyone knows where he is.
They should have been given the death penalty a long time ago and not allowed to live. Age don't matter.