My mom wont let me get the sims because there is nudity i watch vids on it and there is not help!! Please? I want the games sims 4, i am thirteen and i pretty much now evrything about sex, my mom wont let me get the game because it is inaprpriate she said that you can add nudity mods i told her i wont do that and she asked if they came nude i told her it came with a big censor bar, and she said my older sister who is 20 wanted the game when she was young and she wont let me get it because she will overreact What should i do

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You're thirteen and know everything about sex? Wow! Anyway, back on point... As I recall anything that would represent nudity in The Sims was pixelated so you couldn't see it, so unless that's changed why not show your Mum some of the videos you've been watching? A quick Google backs up my fellow answerer's point of the game being rated a 12 (T in some countries), so you could theoretically buy your own copy. Hope we (the community) can help!
Then buy the game and sneak the game in
My sister wanted it and she didnt get it thats why she would over react
Buy the game yourself? It's rated at a 12 certificate so there should be nothing stopping you
Show her a video on the sims going into the shower from YouTube. It's literally not bad at all. And explain you already know what that stuff is and it's no big deal. If she still says no well damn, there's kids your age playing GTA. If all hope is lost and you can't get her to get it for you either ask one of your friends mom or download the iphone version on App Store. It's free and literally almost the exact same thing, only on your phone. I believe in you! ☆ Sent from iOS Dr. Know! 1.0.03