NON flexible gooseneck mic stand.? It's that simple. I need a 13" non flexible stand to mount out pulpit mic. Right now I have 2 flexible stand and it is too wobbly. I can't use a full stand because there isn't enough to room between pulpit and table. We tried mounting to pulpit but it gets a lot of echo when pulpit is touched. Any ideas??

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I should think that Full Compass Audio would have something for you. They cater to the pro sound community. They have a better selection and customer support than a general vendor like Amazon. Were I doing this, I wouldn't use a standard type of mic. I'd use a PZM - Pressure Zone Microphone. It sits on a flat surface - in your case the pulpit. I have seen them used in many churches with excellent results.
I used to use a mini-boom with clutch attachment, similar to this: It mounts to a standard mic stand.